Providing Independence and Peace of Mind

Prevent unethical conduct and violations of the law within your organization with help from Coding and Compliance Experts in Amherst, OH. Our company offers viable compliance plans and programs for any healthcare entity in the country. In addition to Compliance Program Effectiveness Reviews we also provide the following services:  

  • Human Resource Management

  • Physician Billing & Coding Training
  • Medical Documentation Review
  • Performance Reviews / Build Job Descriptions
  • Create Efficient Policies & Procedures
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments

  • Customized Employee Manuals

  • Vendor Management
  • Sexual Harassment Training (Onsite or webinar)
  • Perform Monthly Employee Exclusion Checks
  • Annual HIPAA Privacy & Security Employee Training
  • Medical Office Start Ups

Enhance Your Practice with Our Compliance and Risk Management Services


The Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated compliance programs. With our expertise, knowledge and resources we help practices stay up-to-date on federal and state regulations and mitigate risks, including California.

By having Coding & Compliance Experts take a closer look, some clients have been able to add FTE's!!

The Return on Investment is Priceless!


Without accountability, a compliance program will not be successful. Due to the great amount of data available, a proactive or reactive compliance program brings about increased visibility and transparency. This is important for making informed investments and planning decision in the future. After all, transparency always makes for good business.


A well-designed and implemented compliance program helps medical organizations work more efficiently and more confidently. It keeps employees engaged, as well as attracts and retains talent. To learn about the benefits of our services, please click the "Get Started" icon below.

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